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Labplas introduces a new line of products specifically for the food industry.

Labplas introduces a new line of products specifically for the food industry. In food factories, several tests must be performed on surfaces which come into contact with food as well as environmental surfaces, to determine whether the plant is contaminated or not. Collecting samples requires sterile equipment and must be done meticulously to avoid possible sample contaminations. Foreign matter contamination is a possibility in the food industry, therefore Twirl’Blue sterile bags are highly visible in order to work alongside your diligence and avoid possible product recalls.


Features & Benefits

  • Blue color tear-off for increased visibility;
  • Distinct color to avoid possible foreign matter contamination;
  • Visual recognition of the product, but can also be used to segregate within the factory environment
  • Made with virgin Polyethylene, food contact approved;
  • Optimized opening area to facilitate insertion of sample;
  • Lot number traceability for every product;
  • Bags accommodate solid, semi-solid and liquid compounds;
  • All sterile sampling bags are also R-NASE, D-NASE and Pyrogen free.
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Accessories to the line!


Sterile Blue Gloves


  • Made of polyethylene;

  • Gamma sterilized

Packaging: 1 box of 50 pairs of gloves (wrapped in pairs)

Product code: SA7-GLOVES


Detectable Retractable Blue Clip Pens


Ideal for use where a one piece pen is stipulated.


  • Made with Polymer FDA approved material;

  • Entirely Metal Detectable & X-Ray Visible;

  • Triangular cross section for a comfy yet sturdy grip

Packaging: 1 box of 10 individually wrapped pens

Product code SA6-DETECPEN

Safety Tabs - Printed - Closure with 2 round wires

Code mil. in micr. in x in mm x mm oz ml Packaging
EPR-4590-B 2.5 63 4.5 x 9 114 x 229 15 450 Cs/1000 (2x500)
EPR-5590-B 3.0 76 5.5 x 9 140 x 229 22 650 Cs/1000 (2x500)
EPR-7012-B 3.0 76 7 x 12 178 x 305 55 1650 Cs/1000 (4x250)