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Labplas suggests using their Stand-Up bag which is available in sizes of 4.5 x 9 in and 6 x 9 in. A gusset at the bottom of the bag allows it to stand-up with only a little quantity of liquid inside.

The TWIRL’EM STAND-UP bags are meant for jobs where 2 hands are required. Our gusseted bags stand up by themselves without the necessity of a rack or stand. The combination of the flat bottom and the wire closure offers a bag that stands by itself and remains open until the sample has been poured in.

Product Advantages:

  • Gamma Sterilized;
  • Maximum bag mouth opening to facilitate insertion of sample;
  • Sterility confirmation documentation available in every box eliminating the need to request a copy with Customer Service;
  • Tear-off top which ensures internal sterility, eliminating the risk of internal contamination;
Stand-up picture

Safety Tabs - Stand-up bag- Printed - Closure with 2 round wires

Code mil. in micr. in x in mm x mm oz ml Packaging
EPS-4590 4.0 101 4.5 x 9 114 x 229 18 400 Cs/1000 (2x500)
EPS-6090 4.0 101 6 x 9 150 x 229 24 710 Cs/1000 (2x500)