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Sampling in Agriculture?

Collecting samples in the agricultural industry requires sterile equipment and must be done to avoid samples contaminations;

  • There are many possible contamination sources for grains, like wind, bird faeces and the transport of fungi by the machinery.
  • Soil testing is used to facilitate the selection of fertilizer composition and dosage to be used on land in both agricultural and horticultural industries.

Complies with regulatory and industry requirements :

  • USDA (US Department of Agriculture)

Samples of 1 to 2,5 kg must be taken, so the bags have to be strong enough to support such weights. Labplas suggests using models TWIRL’EM LARGE FORMAT a 4.0 mil.in thickness model for more safety.


TWIRL’EM ECOLO, leading the industry as the first green bag for all laboratories and Mother Nature since 2008. They are an economical and time-saving green alternative to rigid containers.


These sterile sampling bags with their built-in secure closure tabs are ideal for the shipping and storage of all forms of sample material.


Labplas offers a full line of essential accessories to complement our product lines.