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Labplas offers a full line of essential accessories to complement our product line.

Our accessories are designed to simplify sample processing and increase efficiency in the lab.


The solution to safely carry your lab samples

Labplas’ RACK’N’LAB is best used to transport bags used in food testing and environmental water sampling amongst many other industries. Its innovative design allows multiple bags to be used whilst being held upright without the need for bottles or specifically designed bags.

This light weight and versatile rack takes up very little storage space when stored in its flat form and is available in two different sizes.

  • Made of FDA approved virgin polypropylene
  • Shipped in one inch thick boxes with three flat racks inside
  • Assembled or dismantled in less than one minute
  • The sturdy handle facilitates safe transportation
  • Identified rows allow for easy identification of samples
  • Up to 40ml can be retained in case of a leak
  • Racks are stackable and will easily fit in standard coolers

Product code : SA5-3070 (12 in X 6.75 X 3 in) and SA5-7012 (12 in X 9.72 X 4.6 in)



The Labplas LABRACK® allows for sample batch preparation prior to blending as well as sample storage after blending.

  • Made of 100% stainless steel, the LABRACK®
  • can store up to ten (10), 400 series blender bags;
  • Bags are temporarily sealed using Labplas Closure Clips and are then suspended in the LABRACK® support slots;
  • Its rubber feet keep it very stable on the counter top and the bottom basin can easily hold 400 ml of liquid in case of a mishap;
  • The Labplas LABRACK® fits in most incubators and is autoclavable as well;

Product code: SA4-7012


Work station

Labplas Workstation is designed for the 400 series blender bags and allows the lab technician to easily access. the sample without the need to hold the bag open with one hand while taking their aliquot with the other.

•Made of Polycarbonate plastic;

•Exceptionally strong, transparent and flexible.

Product code: SA1-7012


Closure Clips

Labplas Closure Clips are used to temporarily close the bag and store the sample. Available in three sizes for blender 80, 400 and 3500 series.


Product code: SA2-4060 (80 series) | SA2-7012 (400 series) | SA2-1520 (3500 series)


Secure-Strip Dispenser

The new distribution solution, Secure-Strip®, allows you to have all the advantages of the mill bags in an easy dispenser for use and safe. Looking for a permanent solution for the distribution of your bags?

Ask us for the stainless steel dispenser. Another way of insuring easiness of use in your workplace


Product code: SA3-7012


Customization and Private branding

We understand that the customers sometimes have very specific needs and for this reason Labplas offers the possibility to customize your bags. Flexibility being one of our strengths, we are always open to work with you on creating a new product that will meet your requirements.  You can simply complete the "bag Personalization» form with the specifics of the sterile sample bag you want

Special measurements;

  • Thickness of 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, ou 4.0 mil.in. and more;
  • Minimum width of 3 inches , no maximum;
  • Minimum lenght of 5 inches, no maximum.
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