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Frequently Asked Questions

We have made it easier than ever to find answers to your questions. Scroll through the following frequently asked questions and if you cannot find answers to your questions, please contact our customer service who will be happy to help.

What kind of plastic is used to make Labplas sterile sampling bags?

Labplas products are made with extruded tubes of virgin low-density polyethylene. All of our sampling bags comply with the applicable regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (21 CFR 177.1520 (c)3.1a, (c)3.2a and 178.2010 and EU No 10/2011 for use in contact with food.

What trace elements of foreign compounds are most frequently found in the polyethylene resin?

The material's fabrication is done without any deliberate contact with heavy metals and their concentration in the plastic does not exceed 100 ppm which is in compliance with CONEG and RoHS model requirements.

Are Labplas Sterile Sampling bags appropriate for autoclave use?

NO, the maximum tolerated temperature is 80°C or 176°F.

Can Labplas products be immersed in a laboratory water bath?

Yes, for temperatures of up to 80°C or 176°F. In this case, make sure to use or products line with safety tabs. 

How do Labplas sterile sampling bags react to cold temperatures, such as liquid nitrogen in a lab environment?

Labplas products can tolerate temperatures as low as -100°C or -148°F, therefore liquid nitrogen is not appropriate.

Are Labplas bags permeable to air?

The polymer film permeability (cm2/m2/day/bars) is quite significant; 7 for nitrogen (N2), 20 for Oxygen (O2), 100 for carbondioxide (CO2) and 1 for water vapour (water bath H2O(v)). However, the bags are waterproof.

What type of neutralizing solution is most suitable for my surface sampling?

Labplas offers various neutralizing solutions. However, given the vast amount of products available on the market, which one is recommended? Depending on the surface, the type of cleaning agents and the type of testing (qualitative or quantitative), they are all suitable choices!  For further information, please refer to our latest publication under the tab "News - Publication". 

Are Labplas products sterile?

YES. Labplas products are sterilized by the extrusion process or by gamma irradiation. The polyethylene tube extrusion process occurs at temperatures of 200°C (400°F). For our surface sampling kits, irradiation is carried out at intensities ranging from 5 - 30 kGy, depending on the product.


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